Producer / Director


I have directed documentary and factual TV for over 15 years. My films have been broadcast in the UK and worldwide on the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, National Geographic, MTV, Discovery, the Smithsonian Channel, and PBS America. Watch some short clips below.

China's Greatest Treasures - Series Opener

Series Director

6 x 30 BBC / CCTV

An introduction to the six-part series I directed in China for the BBC.

Exec. Charlotte Jones

China's Greatest Treasures - International Promo

Series Director

6 x 30 BBC

BBC / CCTV. A major international co-pro with art critic Alastair Sooke exploring the contemporary relevance of 5000 years of Chinese culture and history.

Exec. Charlotte Jones

Drain the Oceans - Secrets of the Armada


Series 2 National Geographic

National Geographic. The Secrets of the Spanish Armada revealed from wrecks on both sides of the Atlantic from Newfoundland to the coast of Ireland.

Exec. Phil Craig

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast

Producer/ Director

12 x 60 Channel 4

Channel 4. I was producer/director on four "Food Fight Campaign" episodes in Series 6. In this clip Jamie and Jimmy present their first ever vegan menu to encourage everyone to try a more plant-based diet.

Exec. Sam Beddoes

Flying Across Britain With Arthur Williams

Producer / Director

4 x 60 Channel 4 / Reef TV

Channel 4. Arthur Williams, a former Royal Marine turned pilot, offers his unique aerial perspective on the airfields that have shaped Britain's landscape and history.

Japan's Northern Wilderness - Monkeys

Series Producer / Director

2 x 30 mins BBC

BBC Two / BBC World. Newly married couple naturalist Steve Backshall and double Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover go on an exhilarating adventure through Japan's northern highlands. They discover ancient pilgrimage routes, a volcanic landscape and unique wildlife in Tohoku - a region of outstanding natural beauty seemingly left behind by time.

Exec. Charlotte Jones

Japan's Northern Wilderness - Snowshoe Walk

Series Director

2 x 30, 1 x 60 BBC

Steve Backshall and Helen Glover delight in the fire and ice of Japan's Alps.

Intercity125: The Train That Saved Britain's Railways

Producer / Director

2 x 60 min Channel 5 / Windfall Films

Channel 5. Chris Tarrant narrates a definitive social history of this iconic feat of British engineering.

Exec Fred Hepburn

China: Treasures of the Jade Empire

Writer / Director

1 x 60 min Channel 4 / Lion TV

Channel 4 / Arte / Smithsonian / JSBC. The Han emperors led sophisticated, opulent lives and were buried with stunning treasure in magnificent mausoleums. Now archaeologists are using cutting-edge technology to look inside these tombs for the first time, revealing a second Terracotta Army.

Exec. Bill Locke

The Story of Rice

Producer / Director

1 x 60 min BBC

BBC Earth. Chef Rachel Allen discovers the sometimes surprising ways that rice is key to the culture, history and longevity of the Japanese people.

Exec. Charlotte Jones

The Plane Crash

Producer / Director

1 x 75, 1 x 90 min Channel 4 / Dragonfly

Channel 4 / Discovery / Pro7. An international team of scientists, experts and elite pilots deliberately crash land a 170-seat Boeing 727 passenger jet to study the mechanics of a plane crash. 'extraordinary television -- mesmerising and terrifying' - The Guardian. Peaking at 4 million viewers - double the slot average. 3 Top10 #hashtags Twitter UK plus No 2 # in the World during broadcast.

Execs. Simon Dickson & Sanjay Singhal

American Experience: America's Secret D-Day Disaster

Writer / Director

1 x 60 min Smithsonian / PBS

Commissioned by Smithsonian for the 70th anniversary and shown in the prestigious American Experience strand on PBS America. Untangling the web of secrecy and bitterness around the D-Day training exercise that claimed more American lives than the attack on Utah Beach itself.

Exec. Charles Thompson

Stonehenge Boat

Writer / Director

1 x 60 mins Discovery / Darlow Smithson

Discovery Channel. Experimental Archaeology film answering how could Neolithic man move 90 multi-ton stones 200 miles across land and sea to the ancient stone circle that has stood for over 4500 years?

Exec. Tom Adams, Julian Ware

How Will the World End?

Writer / Director

1 x 60 mins Discovery / Pioneer Productions

Discovery Channel. One-hour special presented by Samuel L Jackson examining five natural cataclysms that threaten our world. Highest rating show in the first series of the Curiosity strand.

Exec. Stuart Carter; SP Bob Strange & Yavar Abbas

Richard Hammond's Science of Stupid

Writer / Producer

13 x 30 mins National Geographic / IWC Media

National Geographic. Richard Hammond explains the science behind the failure and humiliation of misguided stunts from around the world.

Exec. Hamish Barbour; SP Dominic Bowles

When Kids Kill: Date With Death

Producer / Director

6 x 60 mins Channel 5 / Spun Gold

Channel 5. Two women a week in England and Wales are killed by a partner or ex-partner. Can the murder of 15-year-old Becca Aylward by 16-year-old Joshua Davies help explain how controlling behaviour can lead to violence and death even in teenage relationships?

Exec. Fintan Maguire

When Kids Kill: Schoolboy Slayer

Producer / Director

6 x 60 min Channel 5 / Spun Gold

Channel 5. At a time when 4 in 10 teachers have been attacked in their classroom in England and Wales, what can the the murder of Ann Maguire by William Cornick tell us about mental health and safety in schools?

Exec. Fintan Maguire

Vietnam Firefight

Writer / Producer / Director

1 x 60 mins Channel 5 / Windfall Films

National Geographic / Smithsonian Network / FIVE. Two dramatic rescues 40 years apart. In Vietnam a helicopter pilot was twice as likely to be killed in combat as an ordinary soldier. Episode 1. Vietnam Firefight. The story of one of the most epic rescue missions of the entire war continues to accumulate over 480 000 views on YouTube.

Exec. David Dugan

Ancient X Files

Producer / Director

3 x 60 mins National Geographic / Wag TV

National Geographic. The science and history behind well known classical and mediaeval enigmas. Is this the Minotaur's Labyrinth? Lead director setting up the style and format for the first series of 3 hours to be recommissioned in Series 2 as 13 parts.

Exec. Martin Durkin; SP Jon Stephens

Taliban Gambit

Writer / Producer / Director

1 x 60 mins Channel 5 / Windfall Films

National Geographic / Smithsonian Network / FIVE. Two dramatic rescues 40 years apart. In the mountains of the Hindu Kush, the biggest Combat Search & Rescue operation since Vietnam is taking place. Two helicopter crews must pluck a wounded Navy SEAL from under the noses of the Taliban.

Exec. David Dugan

Ultimate Sports Day

Lead Producer / Director

12 x 30 min BBC / The Foundation

CBBC / BBC2. Sports stars Christian Malcolm, Barry McGuigan, Dean Macey and Sinead Kerr encourage young athletes from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in CBBC's landmark sports series. Hosted by Newsround's Ore Oduba.

Exec. Steven Andrew


Lead Producer / Director

6 x 60 mins Discovery / Darlow Smithson

Discovery Science. How can technology reduce our Carbon footprint in a future-imagined city?

True Heroes "Grizzly Attack"

Writer / Producer / Director

1 x 30 Discovery

Discovery / Darlow Smithson Productions. Drama-doc. One man saves his best friend from the rage of a mother grizzly bear defending her cubs.

Exec. Paul Wooding; SP Alex Marengo

True Heroes "Runaway Car"

Writer / Producer / Director

1 x 30 min Discovery

Discovery / Darlow Smithson Productions. Drama-documentary recounting the heroic actions of a London cabbie who braves speeding traffic to rescue an unconscious driver.

Exec. Paul Wooding; SP Alex Marengo

Journeys to the Bottom of the Sea "Blackbeard's Revenge"

Drama Director

1 x 60 mins BBC

BBC2 / Discovery. Drama reconstruction of a slice of Pirates in the Caribbean with tall ships, cannons and flint lock pistols.

SP Will Aslett

30 Minutes: Charles Kennedy

Producer / Director

1 x 30 Channel 4 / Mentorn

Channel 4. An insider's view of truth in Westminster politics from the former leader of the Liberal Democrat Party.

Execs. Sam Collyns & Dimitri Doganis

Ben Fogle's Saturday Matinees

Writer / Director

10 x 2 mins Discovery

Animal Planet. I created the presentation links and packaging for the weekend film showcase

Exec. Mark Wild

My Favourite Chef

Series Director

20 x 30 Mins BBC

BBC Food. An International series packaged with presenter Gino D'Acampo for viewers' vote competition.

Exec. Nick Spilman

John Thomson Stands Up for Comedy

Series Producer / Director

15 x 30 mins Bravo / Ten Alps Productions.

Bravo. Comedy clips series of classic performances from all-time greats and the best talent from today's stand-up circuit presented by John Thomson.

Exec. Sam Cash

The Rough Guide to Torture

Series Producer / Director

4 x 3 mins Channel 4 / Firefly

Channel 4. Juliet Morris explores the dark side of four popular holiday destinations, revealing disturbing practices you won't find in the glossy brochures.

Execs. Magnus Temple & Angela Chan



24 x 30 secs Channel 4

Channel 4. A 24-part micro soap starring Jack Davenport, Karl Collins and Pui Fan Lee broadcast on Friday Nights as part of the animation season.

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