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  1. China's Greatest Treasures features in the South China Morning Post

    New series hosted by art critic and BBC host Alastair Sooke looks at how important works of Chinese art still influence the nation today

  2. Drain the Ocean: Secrets of the Spanish Armada

    Drain the Ocean: Secrets of the Spanish Armada goes out Friday August 5th on National Geographic in the US.

    Spain's attempted conquest of England fails when the Armada is defeated. By draining the ocean we reveal how the English then stole ship technology to build their own empire.

  3. 2014 winner CINE Special Jury Award

    Curiosity wins best Science & Technology award for The Plane Crash

  4. 2013 Winner CINE Golden Eagle Award

    Curiosity wins Special Recognition for Televised Series
    (I directed 3 films in this strand for Discovery)

  5. The Plane Crash wins Best Single Documentary Award

    The 9th Annual Televisual Bulldog Awards are voted for by the 2,400 television executives and those who work in independent production and broadcast to pick out the best UK programmes, indies, and channels of the previous year.

    "The epitome of bold programming: The Plane Crash was years in the planning, stretching powers of persuasion and mastery of health and safety, as well as requiring an airtight strategy to capture everything in one take"

  6. Radio Times asks "How is C4 ever going to top a televised air disaster...?"

    Channel 4's decision to crash a plane in the Mexican desert was evidently rather a good one, as over 3m viewers tuned in last night to see the resulting footage.

    Feature-length documentary The Plane Crash, which aired on Channel 4 yesterday evening between 9-10:30pm, attracted an average audience of 3.1m viewers and earned a 15% share of the audience. Both figures are well above average for prime-time Channel 4, and The Plane Crash was the best-performing programme on C4 yesterday by quite some margin.

  7. Helicopter Missions wins Special Jury Prize Houston International Festival

    The episode Taliban Gambit written, produced and directed by Richard Max for Windfall Films wins a Special Jury Prize for the Smithsonian Network at WorldFest the 44th Houston International Film Festival 2011